We offer phantom training for your stallion and collection services for the shipping of fresh cooled semen. We evaluate the semen in several different extenders and provide detailed forms with collection data such as numbers, motility, extender used, # of doses sent, and # of sperm in each dose etc, that are sent out with each collection to mare owners. Don't guess and send bad collections! Bring your stallion to US!

CALL or E Mail for a detailed list of services and related costs, such as phantom training, evaluation and collection of semen for transport.
We offer a variety of clinics at different times of the year.
Lessons, consignment horses, sales, stallion collection, foaling mares...CHECK them out below!
We offer the foaling out of your mare. Our stalls are equipped with color and sound cameras that are displayed in our heated lounge in the barn for viewing as the moment grows near. Having foaled out hundreds of mares, Patty will provide around the clock care and dedication to your pregnant mare, attend the birth, lightly imprint the foal, and stay with your mare and newborn
for as long as neccassary after the birth to determine the mare has no complications, and that the foal is nursing, swallowing, can stand AND nurse on its own, SEVERAL times and is passing manure, We will also if requested, collect and freeze your mares collostrum to be stored for future use. The vet will be called for an appointment for the foals IgG and exam 12-24 hours after birth. We also have several emergency vets, which we put "on call" as your foals birth becomes eminant.

BOARD for MARE is $300 a month.
Foaling Out Fee is $250.
BOARD for FOAL is an additional $100 a month or charged per day after delivery.
Short Horse Course
Riding Lessons
This course is for beginners, children and adults, to learn the basics of horse handling, safety, grooming, feeding, and riding.

Three, one hour classes for children for $65.
Three, one and a half hour classes for adults, for $100.

Family discounts available. This class is offered year round.
Riding Lessons are available for show or pleasure riders in the following disciplines:
Saddleseat, Western, and Hunt Seat Equitation, English Pleasure,
Western Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, Park Saddle, Harness,
Pleasure Driving, and In Hand.

I specialize in teaching YOU how to work with and train your own horse,
so that you can apply what you have learned on a daily basis.

All lessons are private, and on my horse or yours, at my farm,
or yours.

4 Lessons for $130
1 Lesson for $35

Starts at $40

Call for details!
Equine Reproduction Clinic
APRIL 14 & 15, 2012
10AM to 6PM
15th from 10AM to 1PM (This day is for stallion owners requesting in depth info on setting up a lab, collecting, evaluating and shipping semen)

This clinic has been a big hit in the past! It is
upclose and personal, in an informal setting.

TOPICS to be covered:
Breeding Contracts, Record Keeping, Choosing A Stallion, Should You
Own A Stallion, The Heat Cycle, Stallion Handling,
Preparing For Foaling, Feeding and Vet Care,
Watch a Video Of Mares Foaling, Options for Weaning,
and Care Of The Mare and Foal.

Teasing, Restraint Methods, Prepare a Mare
and Stallion For Breeding, Stallion Handling, AI, AI Equipment,
Collecting The Stallion Using A Phantom and Semen Evaluation.

Door prizes and a drawing to win a

Each participant recieves a copy of my EQUINE REPRODUCTION BOOKLET to follow along as we go and keep for future reference!

Cost: $100 for Adults
$40 Children 17 & Under
Lunch will be provided!
Young Horse Training Clinic
This clinic is all demos and hands on. We start out with teaching a foal
to lead, tie and be groomed, then move into ground training, bitting,
harnessing and/or saddling and riding and/or driving for the first time.

A MUST for someone expecting their first foal or training a yearling or two year old for the first time. All of these methods can also be used with an older horse for a refresher course also!

This course usually given in late spring and fall, for a cost of $65 per person.
Stallion Semen Evaluation & Collection
Services Provided at PLF...
Foaling Mares
Should you have interest in any of the above mentioned Clinics or Services, please call or email me today!

I am also available to travel, within reason, to collect your stallion or do a clinic at YOUR farm! Call today for more information!