Lizzy pic page
Michigan 2 yr. old pleasure driving
Penn Ohio July 1998, with Elizabeth Morton,up
Gold Cup Regional, 3 yr. old pleasure driving,
Patty Clark, whip
Grand National Jr. Ex. Eng. Pleasure 16-17,
took TOP 5!! 1998 with Elizabeth Morton, up
Gold Cup Regional 1999 Youth English Pleasure
Elizabeth Morton, up
Penn Ohio 1998 Jr Ex. Pleasure Driving,
with Andres Guardiola, whip
Grand National 1998 Jr. Ex. Pleasure Driving
14-15 TOP 8, with Andres Guardiola, whip
Prairie Run Liz T
Your life was much too short, but
I thank the good Lord every day
that I had such a wonderful friend,
"My Angel With Hooves"
to love and be loved by!
5-11-93 to 5-13-00
photo by Debbie Uecker, June 1999
LIZZY was the first buckskin to be shown at The
World Championship in the English Pleasure and
Pleasure Driving division, AND the first to take
TOP 5 and 8th.
To read "Lizzy's Story" of how she touched so many people in such a short here.
About Us
Even at 2 yrs. old with a plate up front
and barefoot behind, I knew she was
destined to be a GREAT ONE!!
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This wasn't the way we wanted to see
our Lizzy's "name in lights",
October 2000, Grand National World
Championship Horse Show>>>>>