Immortal Blessing
Immortal Command x PL Precious Moment
Sail On Command x Granite Princess
1993- July 2, 2005 palomino mare
15.1 hands
Sir's Sunny x Mr Rs Pretty Girl
Northerly Haleys Comet
1995 bay mare 15 hands
1995 - 2002 bay mare 15 hands
Allie was an incredible broodmare and friend, since her birth here at PLF. She passed away at only 7 years old. What a loss....
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Gails Sun Raider x What A Lady
1976-2009 chestnut mare 14.1 hands
Sadly, we lost our beloved old girl and foundation Morgan on 4-13-2009, exactly 32 years since she became a part of our lives.
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Regal Look x Regal Ashley
1992 chestnut 14.2 hands
PL Overnite Sensation x Miss Sugarfoot
1986 bay 15 hands
Precious was a winning show horse before retiring to the broodmare band. Her foals are very talented, refined, smooth bodied and absolutely beautiful.
Her dam is double Trophy and her sire is our senior stallion, PL Overnite Sensation.
About Us
photo at age 24 years
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2002 filly
2001 colt
2001 colt
2002 colt
2003 filly
2001 colt
1998 colt
2000 filly
2003 filly
2003 colt
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Dam of our great producing mare, Immortal Blessing, Precious blessed us with only two foals, but two fabulous ones at that!
Amberfields Desperado x Up Hi Iron Maiden
2003 Cremello Mare
"Icee" is my little powerhouse! She goes like a "big" horse, snorts and blows like a "big" horse, carries herself like a "big" horse, what she lacks in physical height, she more than makes up for in everything else!
Such a cutie! And every inch she screams MORGAN!
2004 filly
2004 filly
Dee Cee Mr Trophy x Chaffins Glory Bee
1986-2009 Chestnut mare, socks 15 hands
Glory is the LAST daughter of Dee Cee Mr Trophy, and the last daughter of Glory Bee, her dam. Glory Bee's lines go back to The Pineland Farm horses, known for their exceptional hocks. Many time World Champion Park Horse, Morgana's Westwood, is a Glory Bee grandson!
Glory gave us two beautiful palomino foals .
2005 colt
Halleluiah Command
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memory page.
2005 colt
Promised Land...
mares of
Morgana Justina
PL My Guardian Angel
PL Precious Moment
Amberfields Ice Fantasy
Trinity Glory
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2006 filly
2006 Palomino gelding
Icee's PALOMINO son
PL Forever N Ever Amen
SFG Infinity And Beyond x PL Heaven On Earth
2008 Perlino mare with star and hind socks
"Evey's" mom is the only colorful daughter of WC Ultras Special Agent! Evey is her sires ONLY
perlino foal.

Evey had been on our list to retain, but since we arent breeding much any more, we decided to let her go.
Zoe, her momma
has been sold and is now in Belgium,
making lovely colorful foals
for her new owner.
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Sadly, Blessing lost a buckskin filly, 2 months early in 2012.
Then she had complications after her 2013 colt, so has now retired from the broodmare band.
2008 colt
2007 colt
Although one of our best producing mares,
it has been found that Angel can no longer have foals. We had hoped and prayed for a filly out of her to retain.
Due to a medical condition, Glory was humanely euthanized August 11, 2009. Rest in peace my newest hooved angel...
2009 filly
The following are broodmares that have contributed to our farm
significantly before passing away..Rest in peace my beautiful girls...
Prairie Run Liz T
Our beautiful incomparable "Lizzy T" pasted away the day
after she was pronounced in foal to WC Nobility. This would have been her first foal. Gone way too young, way too soon,
Lizzy was THE HORSE who lit the "golden fire"
within me, to strive to produce the beautiful palominos and buckskins we have become known for. I still miss her terribly.
May 10,1993 - May 13,2000
Buckskin mare 15 hands
PRF Thunderbird x Prairie Run Fantasy
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PL Precious Blessing
SFG Infinity And Beyond x Immortal Blessing
2009 Buckskin filly tiny strip snip and Hind sock
"Holly" is the gift I didn't even know I was praying for.
Born the day after we said goodbye to her great great grandma
Morgana Justina, (aka Hollie) we named her
after her mom and grandma and then gave her the barn name
of Holly after my first "Hollie."

This lovely girl is all I could have hoped for. I had always planned to retain her forever, but the perfect home came along.. so she now lives in Florida with hopes of tri color ribbons and silver tropies in her future!
~~Two young mares we had hoped to retain but they have gon on to new homes.. So proud~~
~~~~~~~~~"Holly's" retired grandma~~~~~~~~~~
Icee delivered a GORGEOUS
CREMELLO FILLY by SFG Infinity And Beyond May 5, 2013!
Icee's filly is FOR SALE !
2011 colt
2007 Palomino mare
2013 colt
Regretfully her LAST foal