Holly -Blessings 2009
PL Precious Blessing
The quality of this filly is no suprize... Holly has a beautiful head, big expressive doe
eyes, an elegant long neck with clean throat, smooth body, correct legs and feet,
beautiful balanced motion with lots of push from behind, not to mention she is an absolute sweetheart
and very easy to train.

Holly is the forth of this cross AND Blessings 7th foal!
Our pregnant friend
Shannon and Blessing,
both with
only 2 weeks to go.
Blessing had a buckskin colt,
now gelding in 2011 and is rebred for a 2012 model.
Both are FOR SALE!
Foaled April 13, 2009 at 2:20 am
Buckskin filly, strip, snip, hind sock
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Here is my pretty girl
at 4 months old, with my 13 yr old nephew
practicing his foal handling.
Here is Holly with her
yearling paternal sister, Evey, a perlino.
Born the day after we had to say goodbye to her
33 yr old great great grandma, Morgana Justina,
aka, Hollie, We have given this lovely golden girl the barn name of Holly, in her memory. This way,
I will ALWAYS have a "Holly" with me forever. :*) Not only that, but in honor of her mom and her grandma, we combined their names, Immortal Blessing and
PL Precious Moment, to name her,
"Holly" will remain a part of Promised Land Farm and its equine family,being retained to carry on after the 4 generations before her here at PLF.
SFG Infinity And Beyond x Immortal Blessing
April 13,2009 Buckskin Filly, star, strip, snip, hind sock
These pics
taken April 2010
and these taken
September 2010
These pics taken September 2011... Holly and her perlino paternal sister, Evey.
CLICK here to see video of Holly and Evey!
Check out MORE pics of my beautiful golden girl below.. from birth on up til last years pics!
Holly was SOLD in 2012..


Good luck and many PRECIOUS BLESSINGS
to you both!