In memory of Allie
Halleluiah Command
March 3, 1995 to July 18, 2003
Allie with her first foal,
PL Class In Brass
foaled in 2001.
Brass at 3 months old
Brass at two years old
Allie with her second foal,
PL Divine Inspiration
foaled in 2002.
Dyna at 3 months old
Allie with her third foal,
PL At Heaven's Command
foaled in 2003.
Taylor at 3 days old
This is MEMC Tequila Quervo, Allie's one and only man, and sire of all three of her gorgeous buckskin foals.
Rare Cremello Stallion, owned by Jennifer Monroe
of Melissa Texas.
Allie was foaled in 1995, after SEVERAL years of nothing but colts here on our farm.
The clients always got the fillies, and we were really praying for some girls of our own. God blessed us with TWO fillies that year, one named "Blessing" and Allie, who when she was born and I lifted her tail and yelled, "Halleluiah! It's a GIRL!", and this was how she got her name.
pics at
2 weeks
As Allie grew up, we knew without a doubt, she was one of the most
beautiful babies we had ever had!
I just loved her hip and shoulder, which she has passed on to her foals. Pretty babies grow up to be pretty mares, then pretty momma's too!
These pictures at 6 months old.
This is Allie as a two year old. She was never finished up in harness because she was alittle mentally immature for her age,
so we put her on the back burner, then before you knew it, she became a broodmare, and the rest is history!
Allie in late May of 2003, a month after her diagnosis with severe founder and sinking. You would have never known it in these pics, but the x rays showed major problems that would be fatal.
Pictures in 2000, before becoming a mom.
We want to thank Jennifer for making it possible
for us to breed to her handsome stallion.
Allie and her foals.....(click on the pic of her with the foal and go to their page that year!)
Today I kissed my mommy goodbye
And I dont understand the reason or why.

The doctor said it was a miracle she lasted this long,
It was strength from the inside, a heart full of love.

Our people tell me she's in heaven free from the pain,
Please God just tell me I will see her again.

They say I am special, me being her last,
She fought the good fight, and gave me all that she had.

I have a golden big brother and sister too,
They wish there were more of us, we are so few.

I heard them talking of the day she was born,
They shouted "Halleliuah" it's a girl,
Now we are the memories to go on and show the world.

My mom gave the best hugs from a horse you could get,
I am sure that is why my people are upset.

Get plenty of rest mom and please wait for me,
Because I hear that heaven is a great place to be.

In memory of my mommy, Halleluiah Command (1995-2003)
"Taylor" (PL At Heaven's Command, born May 11, 2003)

We had to let our angel go, she was never really ours from the start, merely here on loan from heaven, til the Lord called her home.
These pictures taken just two days before she
left us. I had prayed for the Lord to meet her
when she entered in, and from the peace on her
face as we led her to the pasture, I know that
He greeted her with open arms.
Rest in peace til we meet again sweetheart. We LOVE you so much!
Taylor at one year old
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