Rockstars Hot As Ice
OTRF Rockstars Hot As Ice
LM Idols Rockstar x Cross Country Rag Doll
2010 AMHR Miniature Stallion Perlino Tobiano Overo Pinto
33" tall
First Knights Billy Idol,
Romeo's famous grandsire.
"Romeo" has been color coat tested. He is EeAaCRCRnTnO

What does this mean? He is a PERLINO TOBIANO OVERO.

He has 1 BLACK gene from his dam and 1 RED gene from his sire. So he can throw either a red OR black gene to his foals.

He has 1 AGOUTI gene, so that means 50% of the time, he will pass that on to a foal so if its black based, it will be a bay based.

He carries 2 dilution genes so is HOMOZYGOUS and all of his foals will get 1 making each foal either BUCKSKIN or PALOMINO or smokey black.

He also carries 1 copy of the TOBIANO gene, so there is a 50% chance of him passing the tobiano gene on to his foal.

He also carries 1 copy of the OVERO gene, so there is a 50% chance of him passing the overo gene on to his foal. Because two copies of the overo gene can cause a lethal white foal.. any mares who are suspected overo carriers will NOT be accepted for breeding unless color tested. (this only costs $25 but insures he not be bred to an overo mare. If bred to an overo mare, there is a 25% chance of a lethal white foal. Those foals either are aborted, die at birth, or shortly after birth.
Romeo is expecting his first foal in June of 2013.
The mare is a bay/brown homozygous tobiano AMHR mare. The color possibilities are endless!

Romeo will stand to outside mares in 2013

2013 FEE $300 lfg live cover only
$2 a day mare care
They were hand bred, but I then
allowed them to play together awhile :)
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