Lily 2007
PL Be Glorified
Trinity Glory
Dee Cee Mr Trophy x Chaffin's Glory Bee
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Glory and her 2006 "Buzz babe"
PL Realms Of Glory, owned by
Dr Charlotte Rydberg, Gold N Glory Morgans of MN.
SFG Infinity And Beyond, aka,
"Buzz" sire of Glory's 06 and 07
Foaled April 8, 2007
Golden Palomino Mare with white mane and tail
  1. 1 hands and growing
star, strip, snip,hind sock
About Us
SOLD! CONGRATULATIONS SUSAN RICKS on the purchase of this incredible mare!
Here are the first pics of her as a yearling, just starting to shed out.
Look how GOLDEN she is!
And that thick white full mane and tail?!
SFG Infinity And Beyond x Trinity Glory
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of her showing in 2010!
Lily is a fabulous young lady. She is so willing, so sweet, so smart, so easy to train and
work with AND she LOVES it. Her trainer Elizabeth Desarle says she is one of the
smartest horses she has ever trained. Not to mention, she says she isn't even pushing her, Lily is only giving about 50%. What? Can you imagine when she is going a full 100%?!

With her attitude and talent, we see her easily continuing to make a name for herself with a new owner. Suitable for a jr exhibitor or amatuer, but what professional wouldn't want such an easy, sweet, smart horse on their string? There is no where for her to go but up from here!

Lily's full brother was Jubilee Regional Reserve Champion Jr Western Pleasure horse and North Star Champion Jr Western pleasure horse in 2009.
There is NO doubt she will continue to follow in his footsteps and those of her other siblings,
who are winning from coast to coast!

Lily has the potential to go all the way in about any division. She is very athletic, has a
strong rear end, is a very balanced mover and and isn't spooky or silly.
Dressage? Carriage? Hunter? Jumping? Pleasure? Classic??

She has already been ridden by a JR Exhibitor & would make a marvelous jr ex/amateur horse!
With just 10 weeks under saddle, Lily made her debut at her first horse show, and was UNDEFEATED
at The Buckeye Morgan Challenge. She wowed the judge and not only won 3 yr old hunter pleasure, novice hunter pleasure (against 7 ADULT horses) she was crowned the
Jr HUNTER CHAMPION of the show!
all show photos by Debbie Keough
Here are some pictures taken at home a few weeks before the show.
They depict her actual "Barbie Dream Horse" true golden color
better than the indoor show pics do.
Such a super sweet, affectionate, hard working, fun girl...the SHOW video shows all three classes, over a three day show. As you have read, she had only been under saddle for 10 weeks and only had her show shoes on for 2 weeks. She is wearing a twisted wire full cheek in the first two classes and a twisted wire sweet iron D ring in the Championship.

The video of her being ridden inside by a visiting Jr Ex... that was a spur of the moment, "Hey you like my palomino mare? Wanna ride her?"

And the last video was done on May 9, the first time the Jr Ex who is going to show her, rode her outside. Lily and her rider are doing very well learning how to wear a very basic full bridle. :)
Expertly trained
and shown by
Elizabeth Desarle
Classic English Pleasure anyone?
to SEE
being ridden by
a Jr Exhibitor
that was visiting!
to SEE
being ridden by
a Jr Exhibitor
who plans to show her in 2011!