Buzz Babies 2005
SFG Infinity And Beyond's
Announcing the birth of....
2005 foals!
PL Courageous Gold
BUCKSKIN gelding Foaled 3-20-05 SOLD
15.2 hands at 3 years old
PL Forever Faithful
BUCKSKIN filly Foaled 3-27-05 SOLD
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PL Champagne Wishes
PALOMINO filly Foaled 4-6-05 SOLD!!!
PL Angel's Bold N Gold
PALOMINO colt Foaled 4-11-05 SOLD!
Julies Flaxen Jubilee
PALOMINO colt Foaled 4-8-05 SOLD
Mirrabella's Michealangelo
PALOMINO colt Foaled 3-14-05
photos to come soon-this colt is in Minnesota!
Golden Legacy Black Gold
Black colt Foaled 4-29-05 SOLD!
PL Beyond
Palomino filly Foaled 5-6-05 SOLD
Black filly Foaled 4-29-05
photos to come soon-this filly is in Pennsylvania!
Wow! We're impressed! And this is just
his second foal crop!
Buzz had a great breeding season, again in 2005, with TWELVE MARES settled.
Of the twelve, 6 were on farm AI breedings and 6 were shipped semen
mares. Of those, 5 AI on farm mares conceived on one cycle and 5 of the 6 shipped semen mares conceived with one collection!
I'd say that is pretty good odds either way, which is fantastic for such a young stallion, just making his mark on the world!