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Golden Legacy Morgans foals @ Promised Land Farm
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foal crop to date!
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We are now accepting deposits on our 2005 foal crop. Below are the list of foals, birthdates, color, and their asking price at birth. To be GUARANTEED this LOW price, you need to pick out your dream foal NOW!

This list is numbered to go along with the above photos and their numbers.

#5 PL BOUND FOR GLORY sired by PL Chosen For Glory (buckskin) (Immortal Command/Whit Akers Sensation/Trophy) x Northerly Haley's Comet (palomino) (xSir's Sunny). BAY colt, foaled 3-9, priced at $10,000, with retained breedings. He is also a high white sabino!

#3 PL CHAMPAGNE WISHES SFG Infinity And Beyond (crème) x FCF Finesse (chest) (x Espirit De Lark/Century Free Spirit).PALOMINO filly, foaled 4-6, priced at $4500. SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD!!!

#4 PL COURAGEOUS GOLD sired by SFG Infinity And Beyond (crème) x Flaire For Love (bay) (x HVK Courageous Flaire/ UVM Promise/Van Lu Love Story), incredible BUCKSKIN colt, foaled on 3-20,SOLD!.

#2 PL FOREVER FAITHFUL sired by SFG Infinity And Beyond x Hopegrove Just Dynamorous (bay) (x Up Hyre Te N Te/ Forevermore), beautiful headed, elegant BUCKSKIN filly, foaled 3-27, SOLD!

#1 PL ANGEL'S BOLD N GOLD sired by SFG Infinity And Beyond x PL My Guardian Angel (chest) (HVK Bold Look/ Vigilmarch/Nocturne) PALOMINO colt with hind socks and narrow blaze, foaled 4-11, SOLD! Palomino maternal siblings have sold for $6500-18,000!

#6 PL BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAM sired by SFG Infinity And Beyond x Rosedust River Wild (chest) (x Morgana Westwood/Black River Sealect /Fleetwing/Chasley Superman), PALOMINO filly with narrow blaze and high hind stockings, lovely, refined, upheaded, beautiful, elegant. SOLD!!!!!!!!!

#7 GOLDEN LEGACY BLACK GOLD SFG Infinity And Beyond x Triagn Wild Waters (black) (x Trebles Willy Wild/ Waseeka's Showtime), BLACK colt who carries the the dilute gene, as if he were palomino or buckskin. Gorgeous head, big eyes, extremely upheaded, smooth, show horse attitude!SOLD!!!!!!!!!!

Prices are subject to change on any foal listed above if a deposit has not been made before it's birth! This is an excellent opportunity to obtain one of the most incredible colorful foals born this season, at a very reasonable price. ALL foals will be taught to lead, clip, model and be handled daily, with all normal farrier, deworming and foal vaccines also included! ALL foals will be registered with AMHA at the sellers expense.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to "hold" the foal. You may be interested in a particular foal, or may want to be notified as each foal is born. It is your choice. After the foal has been born healthy, confirmed by the veterinarian and an IgG level has been done, your first payment of half of the remaining balance is due within 2 weeks. The balance is then due in full before the foal's 3-month birthday. The foal will be weaned between 3 ½ and 4 ½ months of age, to best be determined by the sellers, and the foal will be boarded at PLF free of charge for up to one month after weaning. It will be the buyer's responsibility to obtain transportation for said foal at that time.

Feel free to call or write for more info to help you select your future golden best friend or show ring champion! SEE photos and bloodlines of the mares, their previous foals, and the sires of the foals on my web site!

ALSO PLEASE NOTE, ALL colts are sold with retained breedings, already included in their prices. What this means to you as a buyer is, that we, the breeders, value this individual and his breeding, and want to stand behind him and use him in our program in the future, which will also speak highly of him to the public when they are choosing a stallion for their special mares!
PL My Guardian Angel x SFG Infinity And Beyond
Hopegrove Just Dynamorous x SFG Infinity And Beyond
FCF Finesse x SFG Infinity And Beyond
Flaire For Love x SFG Infinity And Beyond
Northerly Haleys Comet x PL Chosen For Glory
Rosedust River Wild x SFG Infinity And Beyond
Triagn Wild Waters x SFG Infinity And Beyond
Mom is FOR SALE!
She's back IN FOAL
for 2006!
She's back IN FOAL
for 2006!